Painting services are an integral part of 3SI’s product services. Upon completion of your fabricated product,  3SI can complete the product with a single or multi-coat paint system.
3SI uses HVLP , Volstatic-Electrostatic , Airless spray systems and 3SI is an Sherwin Williams-Valspar Paint house. We only use the highest quality industrial coating on the market.

3SI’s skilled technicians will apply the paint system of your choice over a surface that has been properly prepared per the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

The 3SI’s booth is an astounding 50 feet long x 22 feet wide and 20 feet tall to handle large fabrications.

We pride ourselves with a lustrous Finish on all or our large fabrications.

All of our painted  products pass through a rigorous inspection process to ensure the product is delivered to our clients’ specifications, the paint is applied evenly and it meets all Mil thickness requirements.